We will accelerate the next generation of surgery.


Over the last 30 years, surgical trainees have faced a 5x decrease in the number of hands-on surgical training hours they have available.

The most common training complaint was the lack of a learning method through which they could gain advanced surgical skills without endangering patients.



Autonomous robotics will be the future of surgery.

AI and neural network algorithms require a huge amount of training data to work effectively.

Currently this data is gathered from cadavers or animals.

This is unethical, expensive and unsustainable.

The lack of an alternative training material has significantly slowed the development of surgical robots

We are using the technological advances in modern biomaterials research to transform the frontiers of medicine


Our approach makes us better, faster and cheaper than the competition.

Biomaterials Led

Innovative biomaterials technologies lie at the core of what we do, which means we are building the most accurate organ mimics in the market.

Data Driven

Our formulations are analysed continously to find the optimum combination to best mimic individual organs.

Surgeon Centric

We work with leading surgeons to validate our materials' properties and behaviour. Collaboration is in our core.